Proud Happy Mom Posts Article Celebrating Father’s Day

Honoring men who have grown into fathers

Proud Happy Mama, the trusted online resource for motherhood, has published an article to celebrate the upcoming Father’s Day. It’s a tribute to all the men who grew up to be incredible dads.

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“Watching my husband grow into a father”

While there’s a lot of talk about motherhood being a life-changing journey, fathers’ efforts aren’t as well documented. The transition to fatherhood can be breathtakingly beautiful for all new moms, and realizing that the man in her life has become a great father can be a satisfying feeling. The article recently published by the platform revels in this celebration as Father’s Day is just around the corner. The heartwarming article is exactly what you need to read at this time of year.

Written by Allison Banfield, is a personal story that will resonate with many mothers around the world. The author shares her experiences with the man in her life whose thoughtfulness and sensitivity she fell in love with. However, dealing with fatherhood can be an unpredictable scenario, especially given the assumption that men are more career-focused and less driven by the change brought about by fatherhood. As the author notes, the change she saw in her husband after he held their son in his arms for the first time was unexpected.

The author suggests that she always felt that her husband possessed all the necessary qualities to be a good father. But seeing him grow into a father was a revelation for her, and it’s a story that needs to be celebrated. While expectant mothers form a strong bond with their babies during pregnancy, it can be different for fathers. In this case, everything changed the moment he first kept her son in the hospital. At that moment a father was born, and he was up to every task and responsibility in his baby’s life.

From waking up at night to respond to a crying baby, to changing diapers, to being hands-on every step of the way, dads can be an equal part of the journey. And since Father’s Day is right around the corner, Proud Happy Mom celebrate it with this heartfelt story.

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