Leading cabin curtain system manufacturer announces its new patient lift cabin curtain conflict systems

PRVC Systems™ announced that the cabin curtain systems and the patient lift cabin conflict curtain systems are for sale.

PRVC Systems™ has finally launched its Cabinet systems for cabins and patient lift car curtain conflict systems. According to the company, and based on what has been demonstrated, both systems make adding privacy to patients in the hospital and moving them around immensely easy. Not only are the solutions simple, but placing them doesn’t harm the ceiling, vents, or other areas. If necessary, the partition wall systems can be easily moved, and if necessary, several systems can be installed under one roof or in the same room.

The redesigned system also includes a patient bed system, making it easier to fit the curtains around multiple beds or one bed. The curtains come in either a U-shaped or L-shaped design. In addition, since the system is not ceiling mounted, they can be easily repositioned, providing the best possible privacy for everyone. The new system can be used in phlebotomy, pre-op, post-op, emergency and other wards, according to PRVC Systems™. It can also be an extremely useful system in places like nursing homes that house multiple patients.

Readers can learn more about what’s new PRVC Systems™ cubicle and shower curtain system by visiting the company’s official website at https://www.hospitalcubiclecurtains.com.

“Many hospitals and nursing homes and many other places could be better served with a data protection solution that is simple and easy to install and doesn’t cost a lot of money. In fact, a bonus is that the equipment is lightweight and can easily be installed in rooms of any size and for any purpose. This is where our cubicle and shower curtain system comes into play. Unlike other systems, it can also be used as a patient lift cabin curtain conflict system. It’s easy to install, lightweight and requires absolutely no training. The system can be deployed and set up in minutes. If anything, it is an indispensable tool, especially for COVID patients in the medical industry where there is a need to quickly deploy a data protection system to conduct a procedure to provide urgent medical assistance to a patient.” Said an executive at PRVC Systems™.

she added “PRVC Systems™ takes pride in the fact that the solution we offer is so simple, yet so tremendously effective. In addition, our curtains are made from high-quality fabric that offers both privacy and protection from bacterial elements. Last but not least, this is why this technology is so well suited for medical technology. However, in our experience and during our testing period, the shower enclosure and shower curtain system can be used anywhere privacy is needed but no changes can be made to the structure of the room to allow for this.”

About PRVC Systems™

PRVC Systems™ is an American brand best known for their brand new PRVC systems for cabin and shower curtains. The company’s new systems are designed to make switching easier and faster. The curtains are designed not to bind to the track, ensuring they are quieter compared to traditional grommet curtains on the market.



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