Invitations.ME gears up for the busy 2022 events season

Offers stock premium video invitation books for hosts and event planners

Invitations.ME, the renowned name in the industry, has geared up for the busy events season of 2022 with its extensive range of premium pre-made video invitation books that will be a hit with event planners and party organizers alike.

Throwing a party to commemorate an occasion or event to bring colleagues and clients together may be easy, but ensuring success is a whole different game. The success of any party depends on the number of guests who come to the event to let off steam and have the time of their lives. But are the usual invitations enough to attract attention and draw attention to the event?

Video Invitations have gained popularity because they create a personalized and intimate experience that guests find compelling. And here it is Invitations.ME has built up his know-how. With experience in the field, they understand that creating elegant and appealing invitations means understanding exactly what their customers need so that it can cater to them appropriately.


That’s why Invitations.ME works directly with hosts or event planners. The company also works with a number of celebrity entertainers who add a personal touch to the invitations. Each of these invitations is produced exclusively for each person on the guest list. So when they receive the beautiful PU leather bound video book, they will be blown away by the creativity and attention to detail.

Invitations.ME has had tremendous success with these invitations which have been a hit for all types of occasions including christenings, bar mitzvahs, weddings, dinner parties, corporate events, conventions, anniversaries, fundraisers, reunions and more. It is Birthday party invitationshave become a rage not only for the personalization but also for the creativity that goes into making them.

From casino style party invitations to 80’s themed parties and invitations, there are several options for clients and event planners to choose from depending on their party brief. You will also get tips and advice on how to write attractive text for birthday invitations. And that’s one of the points of getting these premium video boxes out of the box. They are always appealing and end up making delightful pre-event gifts for guests.

In addition, they also create excitement on social media for the event at the end and are saved as keepsakes for the future. Invitations.ME helps clients and event planners create personalized invitations Dinner Party Invitations which inevitably have a higher return on RSVPs. As the busy party season approaches, the company has braced itself and unveiled a full range of options for customers.

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By working directly with hosts and event planners, the company was able to create numerous personalized invitation videos that brought guests to the party and made the occasion truly memorable.


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