Havanese Can Also Be Trained To Use Litter Boxes Or A Puppy Pad

Gateway Havanese are small, easy-going, and sociable dog. They are frequently used as therapy dogs, assist dogs as well as termite detection dogs. This tiny toy breed was originally bred in Cuba however, in recent decades, it has been bred all over the world.

Havanese can be difficult to housebreak. They are used to living indoors, and they aren’t used to getting wet. Doggy doors are a great idea for your dog to have access to the outdoors. However, this may not always be possible. If you live in an apartment, it is possible to train your Havanese to use a litter box.

The Havanese coat is long and smooth. They are available in a variety colors, including black and chocolate, red and cream. A dark brown hue is visible on the nose and inside the eyes. Generallyspeaking, you don’t want to shave the hair below the eyes as it could cause excessive tearing.

The Havanese has almond-shaped lids as well as ears that hang down on the sides of the head. Their tail is slung over their backs and is an extended plume.

Although Havanese aren’t easy to housebreak, they are easy to train. The breed is extremely intelligent, which means they are quick to learn. The average Havanese weighs between 7 and 13 pounds.

Havanese are great with kids. They are friendly and sociable and they can get along with other pets. Children may attempt to climb up on dogs. This is why it is crucial to teach children how to handle dogs in a responsible manner.

Havanese have a natural aptitude for trick-training. Many breeders are trained to do tricks, and they excel in advanced obedience training.

Havanese make a great companion for those who live in apartments. The breed can be loud, but it’s not aggressive. Most of the time, it will bark when it needs to tell you something. You might need to reduce your dog’s barking in order to keep your neighbors happy.

A Havanese is best as an apartment pet if it has access to an animal door. It can be difficult to keep track of your dog’s outdoor access. If you decide to purchase a Havanese for your family, make sure that you give it the care and exercise it demands.

Havanese doesn’t suffer from allergies as do other breeds. But if you are unsure of your dog’s temperament it is recommended to select one that was bred by a reputable breeder. Dogs that are bred by reputable breeders are less likely to suffer from health problems.

It is essential to socialize your Havanese when it’s young, as this will help to build a balanced, adaptable personality. Likewise, you should ensure that you give your puppy basic obedience training as this will contribute to the overall wellbeing of your pet.

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