CYBN, the premier organizer of the Chicago Youth Basketball Tournament, is opening registrations for exciting basketball leagues in March

The Chicagoland Youth Basketball Network, the top-rated youth basketball organization in Chicago, has vacancies in exciting spring basketball leagues beginning in March 2022.

The Chicagoland Youth Basketball Network (CYBN) has vacancies for the March 2022 spring youth basketball leagues. CYBN is the premier network for youth basketball tournaments in Chicago. The network has just announced that its Playmakers Boys Winter League and all other winter season leagues have come to an end. Teams can now join spring competitions like March Mayhem, March Hoopfest, Hoop it Up and The Clash of the Clubs. The tournaments in the March basketball league games have 2-game and 3-game shootout match options.

Chicago Youth Basketball Network (CYBN)

Youth basketball teams must be in 3rd grade or higher to enter League games in March. The tournaments are open to both girls and boys youth basketball teams. CYBN is committed to keeping basketball event registration fees as affordable as possible. All games in March are therefore priced accordingly.

The March Mayhem is the premier junior league basketball tournament with open slots for the March leagues. Teams with players from 3rd to 12th grade can participate in the tournament. The registration price for the 2 game shootout at Chicago Suburbs and Crown Point, IN is $135 while the fee for the 3 game shootout at Chicago Suburbs is $175. There are still spots available for interested teams in the March Mayhem competition on Saturday, March 12th and Sunday, March 13th.

The March Hoopfest is the second open slot basketball junior league tournament in March. The tournament is also open to teams from 3rd to 12th grade. The registration price for the 3 game shootout at the Chicago Suburbs is $185 while the registration price for the 2 game shootout at the Chicago Suburbs is $145. The available spots for the March Hoopfest are on Saturday 19th March and Sunday 20th March.

The Hoop It Up 3×3 March Madness Tournament costs $95. It will be held at the Supreme Court in Chicago, Illinois. Teams of players from 3rd to 8th graders can participate in the Hoop it up matches. Teams interested in participating in the Hoop it up games can register for the games taking place on Sunday 3/20/22. To make the game even more exciting, all winning teams will qualify for the state or regional championships of the Hoop It Up 3×3 events.

The Clash of Clubs is the final league game of the youth basketball tournament, scheduled for late March. This event costs similar to Hoopfest in March. It will be held in the Chicago suburbs where it will cost $145 for a 2 game shootout and $185 for a 3 game shootout. The Clash of Clubs takes place at the end of March. The available seats in the Clash of Clubs are on Saturday 26th March and Sunday 27th March.

To learn more about the Chicagoland Youth Basketball Network or to register for March league games, visit the website at

As with all previous league games, CYBN strives to provide a fun, entertaining, yet challenging basketball season for the young teams and their loyal fans.

About Chicago Youth Basketball Network

That Chicago Youth Basketball Network (CYBN) is one of Chicago’s most recognized and active youth basketball organizations. They currently serve over 5000 teams and the number of registrations is growing every year. The organization helps many schools and other organizations save up to $250,000 annually. However, the increase in the number of teams registering and willing to register will have a positive impact on the sport in general. Although the Chicago Youth Basketball Network is not a tournament broker and does not invest capital in any basketball team, it offers school districts and municipalities the opportunity to rent courts at a discounted rate. That CYBN and its growing network of partners own several gyms in Chicago. The charges are 25% of what they are normally with the same facilities. That means organizations save money and keep gyms filled; a win for everyone.



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