Gratton Warehouse in Omaha wins its 2,000th customer

As a leader in warehouse management, Gratton Warehouse celebrates its 2,000th anniversary in early 2022. Customers.

Thanks to Gratton Warehouse, US retailers can completely modernize their logistics plans at a time when e-commerce shoppers want faster delivery to their doorstep than ever before. As a leader in warehouse management, Gratton Warehouse celebrates its 2,000th anniversary in early 2022. Customers.

“We are excited about this monumental milestone,” said Bo Gratton, owner of Gratton Warehouse Company.

The Best Omaha Warehouse welcomes its 2,000th customer

In Omaha, Nebraska, Gratton Warehouse built the largest logistics center in the region in 1894. Through dedication, management and excellent customer service, the company celebrated the acquisition of its 2,000th customers and continues to be a leader in the field Warehouse management in Nebraska.

The goal was achieved with a fast and coordinated team and building long-term relationships with customers. Gratton Warehouse is a technologically advanced warehouse, but some tasks are still performed manually, such as: B. the packaging of products. Gratton Warehouse’s dedicated staff deliver a quality of service that is sometimes rare in 2022.

The products that our Omaha warehouse normally handles are very diverse and include but are not limited to:

Gratton Warehouse offers better third-party logistics

Why Gratton Warehouse improves third-party logistics

While an industrial warehouse and a Third-party logistics warehouse serving two different concepts, Gratton Warehouse does both exceptionally well.

The industrial side is meant to be versatile and comprehensive, and performs most warehouse functions. The production area includes packaging and is coordinated from the offices on the premises. Gratton Warehouse has a perfect location as Omaha camp and is close to major roads and the highway where they can load and unload goods quickly and efficiently.

As a 3rd party logistics warehouse, Gratton Warehouse can store and distribute almost any physical goods such as packaging, equipment, semi-finished or finished products or other goods. Offering an efficient distribution pipe is essential for moving goods in this age of difficult logistics. Gratton Warehouse excels at moving goods quickly through the supply chain, and they continue to look for even better ways to speed up the process.

Gratton Warehouse is causing a logistical revolution

With the growing demand for Third-party logistics, warehouse‘ and Amazon’s emphasis on same-day delivery, Gratton Warehouse increasingly integrates automated processes and masters supply chains and large-scale projects. The Omaha based company can now handle from a single unit up to 5 tons!

To see this revolution in action, all you have to do is ask the oldest warehouse in Nebraska about shipping and staging products from their worldwide list of suppliers. “Globalization isn’t stopping their expansion anytime soon;” Bo Gratton, the owner of Gratton Warehouse, went on to say.

Gratton Warehouse has a courteous and dedicated staff on hand help customers. Their location is 11005 E Circle in Omaha, NE. Their hours of operation are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central Time.


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